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TRAVEL SOFTball "warbirds"

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Registration for all sports is now processed through TeamSnap. Once you click on a registration link you will be automatically redirected to TeamSnap. If this is the first time you have registered for a sport in TeamSnap, you will be required to create a free TeamSnap account on their site in order to register. This is where we will post schedules and updates. We recommend downloading the TeamSnap App and allowing notifications for it. 

Get 2023 Tryout information on the event page below!

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The Germantown Hills Athletic Association is dedicated to the development of our youth thru athletic programs designed to “teach” sportsmanship, team play, discipline, and responsibility.  The Coaches and the Association members are volunteers donating their time and effort for the betterment of our youth.

Travel Baseball is for all boys who are ages. Sign up to be notified HERE.

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The Golden Coaching Rule


Avoid the 3 L’s- Lines, Laps, Lectures


Train sport-specific.


The kids came to play SPORTS.  Not to hear lectures.

general rules & Regulations

GHAA Mission – Our mission is to organize sports programs for the youth in our area that will provide an opportunity for all children who participate to improve their skills regardless of their abilities. All sports programs are developed to promote teamwork and fellowship in a wholesome setting.

Warbirds Travel Lite provides a stepping stone for developing skills for all players.



$350 Individual Registration

$25 Savings per additional sibling

$100 Savings for Head Coaching

$50 Savings for Assistant Coaching

All Fees are due by 1 October 2023



2 jerseys, belt, 2 pairs socks, and hat (baseball only)

Any equipment needed for the team (ie balls, catches gear, etc.)

Indoor practice 


Game field prepping 



Season Expectations

20-30 games (anything over needs to be approved by director)

2-3 Tournaments (anything over needs to be approved by director)

Winter Practices: 1-2 days per week provided by GHAA (only the director can book indoor practice facilities for all teams)

Spring Season: Between games and additional practices expect 3+/- days per week commitment

Fundraiser: TBD, each player will participate



Non-metal cleats

Appropriate size glove

Appropriate size bat

Helmet (softball only – needs face guard, baseball optional)

Infield Facemask (softball only)


Coaching Expectations

Focus will: Be Ready to Teach fundamentals, Be Respectful to players and parents, Be Safe, and Be Responsible

Winter Practices: October-March o Practices will be 1-2 days per week o Utilizing outdoor fields until the weather no longer allows the ability o Directors will coordinate practice times with coaches for the availability of outdoor and indoor practices

After all practices and/or games coaches are responsible for fence dragging and putting away bases with the plugs in the holes. This will allow the fields to remain in a better condition all season with little volunteer time to up keep them.

Schedule games and tournaments: All games will be April-June 

Be prepared for practices and games

Provide players with basic fundamentals and keep it as a learning environment

Treat each player fair with playing time, batting rotation, and position rotation during season games. Tournament games coaches will have the discretion to move players around to give the team the best opportunity to win.

Provide players with the ability to learn several different positions throughout the season

If a coach has an issue with an umpire it must be addressed after the inning or game not during an inning or play. Be respectful to all umpires. They are learning just like the players.

Open communication with parents on practices and games. Always be willing to communicate honestly with parents and players.

Limit the yelling to attention getting situations only

Never yell at or belittle a player for physical error (ie strikeout, error, etc.) o It is ok to correct a player for taking a bad approach that led to the error o It is ok to correct a player for mental errors and mistakes (ie making mistakes that have been covered in practice multiple times)

Never let the players give up


Parent Expectations

Focus will: Be Ready to Assist, Be Respectful to coaches and other parents, Be Safe, and Be Responsible

Have the player to all practices and games on-time. Communicate with the coach if an issue comes up that will cause a delay or if a child needs to miss a practice even during the winter practices. It is important for all players to attend so they learn how to work together as a team.

Not to interfere with an umpire at home or away games. Allow them to make their decisions (good, bad, or indifferent). They are human we all make mistakes. 

Understand that the coach must make decisions that are best for the team

Refrain from instructing the player from the stands. Cheering should be limited to encouragement and congratulations

Parents are not allowed in the dugout during a game (unless invited)

Never approach a coach about playing time during a game or immediately after. The appropriate way to approach a coach about playing time is as follows:

Wait until at least 8 games have been played. The coach is still trying to get a feel for who can do what and is likely experimenting early in the season.

Approach the coach when you are not upset or emotional. After practice or on an off day is ideal.

The question "what can my son/daughter can do to earn more playing time?" is a great way to phrase the question. The coach should be happy to explain it to you and the player either on the spot or the next time he sees you.

Understand that the coach may not be aware that you feel your son/daughter is not getting his/her share of playing time and may not have an immediate answer to your question.

Please do not compare your son/daughter to another player either in terms of playing time or skill with the coach. There are many things the coach looks for besides hits and errors that the parent may not be aware of (but the player should know). Things such as knowing where to go with the ball, catching signs, leadership and many other things are what usually separate the players.

Please do not make statements such as "my son/daughter is depressed due to lack of playing time" or something along those lines. 

If a coach continues to have issues with a parent being disrespectful to the coaching staff and/or umpires, GHAA will hold a meeting for further discussion on weather the family can stay in the program.

Volunteer to work concession stand at minimum twice per season for home games scheduled


Player Expectations

Focus will: Be Ready to Learn fundamentals; Be Respectful to coaches, other players and parents; Be Safe; and Be Responsible

Be at all practices and games and be on time for them

Be willing to work hard during practices without complaining or being disruptive

Follow all team guidelines and rules

Follow the coaches instructions on the field

Be a positive influence to your teammates by providing encouragement and leadership

Do not be a distraction to the rest of the team

Be respectful of the property at both outdoor/indoor practices and games


war softball general rules
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