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recreational tee ball

Registration for all sports is now processed through TeamSnap. Once you click on a registration link you will be automatically redirected to TeamSnap. If this is the first time you have registered for a sport in TeamSnap, you will be required to create a free TeamSnap account on their site in order to register. This is where we will post schedules and updates. We recommend downloading the TeamSnap App and allowing notifications for it. 

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The Germantown Hills Athletic Association is dedicated to the development of our youth thru athletic programs designed to “teach” sportsmanship, team play, discipline, and responsibility.  The Coaches and the Association members are volunteers donating their time and effort for the betterment of our youth.

Tee Ball is for ages 4-7. Players have to be 4 by April 1 of the sign-up year, and not 7 before April 1 of the sign-up year.

* Tee-ball goes up to 6 yrs old and the coach pitch begins at 6-8 years old. Parents we leave it up to you if you would like your child to play tee-ball or coach pitch at the age of 6. 

If you are volunteering to Head Coach your child's team, you can skip paying your child's fees, as your child will not be charged.  We also have 3 new positions that parents can volunteer for, which will also get the benefit of waived fees.  These positions are referee coordinator, field set up and tear down, and sponsorships/shirts.  Please indicate your interest in the volunteer space of the registration form. You can also contact us HERE.

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The Golden Coaching Rule


Avoid the 3 L’s- Lines, Laps, Lectures


Train sport-specific.


The kids came to play SPORTS.  Not to hear lectures.

general rules & Regulations

All coaches, volunteers, and parents of players must adhere to the rules and regulations as stated herein:

  • Coaches must use positive coaching techniques and emphasize having fun and player development.

    • This includes practices, team meetings, and games.

  • Under no circumstances should a coach, player, parent, or anyone in attendance be allowed to question a referee/umpire disrespectfully. It is the responsibility of the coach to enforce this rule. Failure to adhere to this rule could result in expulsion from the current game and upon review from the league. Should a coach have an issue with a referee/umpire or call, the coach should bring the issue to the attention of the ref coordinator or director.

  • All players who regularly attend practice and acceptably conduct themselves should receive equal game playing time.

  • Players must wear the approved uniform shirt as supplied by the league. It may be necessary for a player to wear other outer gear but only at the referee/umpire's discretion. 

  • Players must wear approved footgear – this includes cleats or tennis shoes.

  • Players cannot wear jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, or any pierced jewelry. 

    • All players with newly pierced ears must wear band-aids or other protective coverings for the player’s safety. 

  • Approved sports goggles must protect players who wear eyeglasses.

  • Coaches and players are strictly forbidden from using foul language. Parents and spectators are discouraged from using abusive or vulgar language, creating a poor sports atmosphere.

  • The use of tobacco products of any kind is strictly forbidden during practices and games. Coaches must arrive at games and practices at least 5 minutes early and be ready to go when kids arrive, so no valuable learning time is lost during set-up.

  • It is strongly encouraged that all teams line up and shake hands to demonstrate good sportsmanship after each game.

  • Disciplinary problems need to be addressed first by the coach with the player, then with the parent(s) if there is no change in behavior.

    • Then, if no change is seen, bring the behavior issue to the attention of the league director for additional review.

  • If there are problems with a referee, they should be handled professionally and away from the kids.

    • Thank them.

  • Be Positive – HAVE FUN!!!

tee general rules

age specific rules & Regulations



There will be no arguments between the coaches or players. The focus of this league is to prepare the players for future baseball/softball playing. This is an instructional league, the emphasis is on teaching the game, sportsmanship, and having fun, NOT WINNING THE GAME.



  • All players will be evenly spaced in the field each inning. A normal infield with the extra players equally spaced in the outfield.

  • Players shall be rotated to a different defensive position each inning. In rotating positions, coaches will alternate between the infield and the outfield, with no player repeating a position during a game.



  • A training ball provided by the league will be used in all games and practices.

  • All batters and base runners must wear a batting helmet for protection.

  • The throwing of bats is not allowed and will not be tolerated.



  • All games start at 6:00 PM

  • A maximum of 3 innings will be played. A time limit of 1.0 hour will apply-no new inning can start after this time is reached.

  • Both teams will have an equal opportunity to bat. The home team always completes its last at-bat.

  • Each team will bat every player each inning, with the final batter rounding the bases. 

  • Each batter will advance to first base after the hit, no batter will be sent to the bench if they are thrown out.

  • Each player will advance the bases one at a time until they reach home plate. The only hit will be a single, there will be no extra-base hits.



  • The base distance will be 30 feet.



  • All players will bat each inning.

  • No strikeouts will be allowed.

  • No throwing bats.

  • All players are required to hit off the tee for the first three games. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE ALLOWED. Starting with the fourth game, the coaches have the option of pitching to the players, underhand, and a maximum of four strikes will be allowed.If a player does not hit the ball during coach pitch after 4 attempts, the tee shall be put in place immediately, and the player will complete his at-bat off the tee. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. The league will monitor games on occasions, any deviation from this rule will result in teams going back to hitting off the tee only. The goal is to keep the games moving, keep children interested, and give everyone an equal chance. Again, THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.




  • Shorts or pants are allowed.

  • Rubber cleats or tennis shoes allowed, no metal cleats.



  • Base runners may advance one base at a time.

  • No stealing bases or advancing on overthrows, etc.

  • The last batter will round the bases to finish the inning.




  • The coaches will control the game and the benches.

  • The coaches shall work together to keep the games moving and make sure the league rules are followed by everyone. It is in everyone's best interest to follow the rules and keep the games moving. The children in this league are very young and can lose interest in the game in a short period of time. Everyone should work together to make this a positive experience for the participants.

tee specific
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