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Registration for all sports is now processed through TeamSnap. Once you click on a registration link you will be automatically redirected to TeamSnap. If this is the first time you have registered for a sport in TeamSnap, you will be required to create a free TeamSnap account on their site in order to register. This is where we will post schedules and updates. We recommend downloading the TeamSnap App and allowing notifications for it. 

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The Germantown Hills Athletic Association is dedicated to the development of our youth thru athletic programs designed to “teach” sportsmanship, team play, discipline, and responsibility.  The Coaches and the Association members are volunteers donating their time and effort for the betterment of our youth.

Travel Basketball is for all children in 3rd up to 6th grade. 22/23 Sign-up is open NOW through September 25, 2022. Registration is available on TeamSnap HERE.

If you are volunteering to Head Coach your child's team, you can skip paying your child's fees, as your child will not be charged.  Please indicate your interest in the volunteer space of the registration form. You can also contact us HERE.

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The Golden Coaching Rule


Avoid the 3 L’s- Lines, Laps, Lectures


Train sport-specific.


The kids came to play SPORTS.  Not to hear lectures.

general rules & Regulations

The following provides additional information and general expectations regarding the G.H.A.A. ‘Travel’ Basketball program.

  • The program is for the benefit of Germantown Hills residents (Pays GHills taxes).

  • Metamora (MYSA), Riverview, or other community players are allowed to try out but will only be considered if roster spots are available after Germantown Hills residents are accounted for and placed.

  • Exception: Players that live within the Metamora High School District and are not afforded the opportunity to try out for a local travel basketball program will be treated the same as Germantown Hills residents.

  • Travel Team Basketball Program is intended to provide a more competitive environment than that of the recreational league.

  • Travel Team participants may also register and play in the recreational program to maximize ‘gym time’ and enhance their growth, development, and enjoyment of basketball. There may be game and practice conflicts.

  • Online registration opens in August.

    • Fees (as of 9/1/19) for the 2019/20 Season:

      • $150 per participant (3rd - 5th grade)

      • $90 per participant (6th grade)

  • ​​Divisions/Grade Levels - Pending # of registered participants, the following divisions will be offered:

    • Boys – 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades, 6th if interest

      • ​​Players must be in at least 2nd grade to tryout*

    • Girls – 3rd/4th & 5th Grades, 6th if interest

      • Players must be in at least 3rd grade to tryout*

*Grade-level restrictions may be adjusted based on registration numbers


  • Travel Team rosters will be limited to a maximum of 10 players.  This limitation is being instituted to assist volunteer coaches in ensuring compliance with the ‘Playing Time’ guidelines identified in Appendix A. 

  • Due to limitations on gym availability for practices and games, as well as the availability of the recreational program, secondary (or ‘B’) teams will not be selected or administered.

  • Tryouts will occur only if the number of Germantown Hills residents exceeds Ten (10).

    • One or Two tryouts will be held within two weeks of the last scheduled signup date.

    • Tryouts will be conducted by at least (2), unbiased evaluators.

    • Team selection will occur within two days of the last scheduled tryout.

  • Coaching selection applications will be taken during the signup period. 

    • ​The GHAA Basketball Travel Director will select candidates after the completion of the tryout & team selection.

    • Final selection may be subject to G.H.A.A. Board review & approval.

  • Scheduling Expectations:

    • Home games will be played at the Germantown Hills Middle School.

    • 20-30 total games, including ‘Regular Season’ and Tournaments** The G.H.A.A. will fund up to (4) tournaments per team. Additional tournament participation will be at the discretion and cost of the individual team.

    • Practices 1 to 2 times per week

      • Held at the Germantown Hills Middle School pending gym availability.

  • ​​Concerns, Issues, Complaints

    • The G.H.A.A. expects and entrusts its selected coaches to be an extension of the G.H.A.A. Board.  Therefore, if you have questions, concerns, or issues regarding any of these guidelines or any situation that arises throughout the season, please feel free to address them directly with your child’s coach in private*.  If, for any reason, a resolution is not possible at this level, please feel free to contact the G.H.A.A. Basketball Director.  If necessary, the G.H.A.A Basketball Director will address the issue with the G.H.A.A. Board for review and resolution.

* Under no circumstance should an issue be addressed or communicated in a public setting, in the company of players, or among other parents. *


These ‘policies’ will be reviewed on an annual basis.

travel basketball general rules
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